The wedding stories – Mariya and Aimun

Such a beautiful couple! may God bless their marriage.


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An old friend of mine Mariya Dada recently got married and instead of doing the classic fairy tale wedding that most girls desire and wish for, she and her husband Aimun Asif Varind decided to go with a wedding that bought happiness to way more people than just her family and friends by having a small nikah/reception with just 40 people and a valima dinner for kids at Sirat ul Jannah.

15418567_10210483025005593_1837514620933937410_o Source: Mariya Dada

Me: Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, give me details.

“So earlier this year when we decided on dates for the wedding, we started like any other couples. Making guest lists, making a budget and booking halls etc. We visited a lot of halls and realized how expensive everything was, but since we had originally planned for…

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