Being specific is more important than we think.

via Daily Prompt: Specific

Quiet often we find ourselves wishing for a lifestyle we do not have and even if we try, we fail to live up to those wishes. not because we do not know how to achieve it, mostly because we do not feel the motivation to work for it. this is the reason why most of our resolution changes in to unfulfilled wishes by the end of January. and thus what should have been the MUST remains a WANT and finally changes in to CAN’T.

Think of an area in your life that you wish to improve.

Connection with God? Is it your diet?  any habit?

Also think of what it would feel like to finally live that wish. Be specific as if you can experience it.

Now think of what are some of the rituals in your life that are stopping you from changing it? Define those rituals to yourself and make a list of stuff you do.  

E.g you spend a lot of time using your cellphone/computer which is why you cant find time to exercise. etc.

Now think of the rituals that you MUST do in order to achieve that change you thought in the first place. Make a list of rituals that will result in that change of lifestyle.

E.g “I MUST limit the use of cellphone/computer so that I can exercise more”. Again be specific.

Now little by little start incorporating these rituals in your life and slowly you will find yourself living the change you have been wishing for so long to see.

I know it isn’t easy as it sounds but changing one’s lifestyle takes work and just wishing for it is not enough. It requires motivation and the right rituals that will pull you towards that goal. good luck ! 🙂

P.S: I Hope this was helpful. My goal was to be as specific as I can be, I noticed my Posts can be too long 😛