Daily Prompt: Discover. “I think therefore I am”

Looking at this prompt and thinking what comes to my mind when I hear the word “discover?” Discovery channel ? A channel I grew up watching. Thinking about it fills my head with beautiful memories. but what does “discover” means to me? Everything. For what I feel discovery is the core of the nature of human beings. This is what makes us human and makes us different from all other species of animal kingdom. Imagine for a second, life without discovery. It would have been true misery..

“Discover” what started as a word that made me think what would I even write about it. Now means a world to me. Its what makes me, me. All our life if we have done anything good it would be to discover. Discover what to do, Discover what to believe. Make sure to always discover more, think more and grow more as Rene Descartes rightly says “I think therefore I am”